Yung Zeus – Cinderella (Prod By Trapmafiabeatz)

9 months ago
  • Kim Bradley

    I have lots of good memories about cinderella. I used to watch it on tv everyday. The serial was pretty good at that time.

    • Ricardo Martinez

      Well we all did. The hard working girl had her own share of pain in life.

  • Chinderella!! it’s one of my favourite carton. when I saw the carton I feel like princes like cinderella.

    • She was a nice princes. And at last he got his dream prince. was nice story.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    The crazy road of life is getting crazier. The more it gets painful the more we can enjoy the excitement.

  • That was a famous serial. And the main character princes name was this.she had 3 step sisters…. bla bla bla.. it was really nice.

    • That’s means you have a idea about cinderella. Are you like this. I just love this.

  • After So long time I feel good to see this old name. your singing is really nice and I love it lot.

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