Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa & Pnb Rock – Gang Up (The Fate Of The Furious- The Album) [Video]

10 months ago
  • Some fucking guys make a fucking good song.
    it’s full of good rap. it’s really nice.

    • They try to make it good. really they are hard working peoples.

  • Together make a crazy song. they are looking like crazy man.

    • I like crazy man because they can give us enjoy.

  • Nice car man. i want to ride and drive it.
    All guys are so good.

  • After listening to this, I totally *ucks with my man PnB

  • PnB Rock is the God of Hooks

  • This Nigga PnB Rock, his neck so long that when he drinks milk the shit gonna expire before it reaches the lower throat

  • This looks like all hip hop gang together. young thug, wiz khalifa, PnB Rock only missing that mother*ucker snoop dog

  • Wiz Khalifa can’t make any verse without the shitty weed??? Bloody ridiculous

  • Stay down,game is on.

  • can’t wait for the fate of the furious. and this rap has made the movie more exciting

  • Young thug is getting better and better! like if you agree!

    • Young thug is trash, easily the worst one here. cancerous, autotune, trap music

  • When you see thugger, you get hyped asf

  • This song has dedicated to Paul Walker. Without Paul Walker fast and furious is incomplete

  • I like the young thug verse. he is the oxygen of this song

  • I like how thuggars gave respect to Paul Walker. Under that image he is a good guy.

  • young thug’s verse is the best.What do you think??

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    remind me Paul walker again. This song is just too good, I have ached 42 times

  • oksana pochepa

    This niggas are dynamite and they blast like a hydrogen bomb.

  • Inna zovoba

    All of them did good but Pnb Rock made it the best

  • Why PnB Rocks looks like he got a big head.

  • wiz khalifa was so bad anybody could have provided a better verse

  • who else is excited for fast and furious 8?/

  • Which verse was the best ?

  • this song got everyone’s heeart

  • Listening to this song in my car I feel savage

  • only reason I’d watch the movie is for the soundtrack

  • my neighbors love this song so much they threw a brick at my windows so they can hear better

  • the way young thug comes in on songs is just no other

  • young thugs voice sounds like woman

  • I must admit young thug didn’t do the tune justice

  • song would be great with only wiz and PnB

  • I m here bcz of wiz khalifa

  • This is PnB rock year m great album

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