Violet Rose- Thats for me

11 months ago
  • Sammy Tyler

    How can she play a keyboard like that?

    • Radolf Bryan

      I wonder if she can even play that.

  • Radolf Bryan

    If it’s for you then why did you even bothered to sing in album?

    • Adam Anderson

      She wanted to bore us to death.

  • Adam Anderson

    Arrogant little bitch. Fucking show off.

  • I love violet rose. But not her. The real one.

    • Ronald Thomson

      Yeah the real rose is really beautiful flower.

  • Ronald Thomson

    I have wasted few minutes of my life in it.

    • Sammy Tyler

      Then think before waste it.

  • I don’t like to listen him.

  • Violet rose is good but this song not so good.

  • You say that’s for you so you hear it.

  • Looks doesn’t count as talent.

  • It’s really really bad one to me.

  • Why are you sing like this shit??

  • Boring song… I don’t like it

  • Kelly Jane Mangold

    Fuck all y’all haters you don’t no what goid music is..

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