TShockDaWorld(TOutDea) – We Them Niggas Ft T-OutDeA ReMixed By. Stone(Olympics)

11 months ago
  • Ah!!!!!!!!!!! when listen this, I feel very light, all of my tensed just washed away

  • What is dead may never die? this proverb goes with this song

  • What if this singer didn’t compose this song I could save my 5 minutes.

  • Yo yo yo yo nigga nigga yo yo

  • hey how could this has become one of the most viral song this year they must got fake viewer………………..

  • Like this nigga one of the best album this is///////////////////////////,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I made it as my caller tune and It’s very effective, my boss’s temper become 90% cool when he calls me……………… Love from poland

  • stone’ album always rocks. he is one of the greatest musicx

  • this is a medine forrude person

  • Make me crying ever time Ilisten to this some

  • wow sounds cool, I thought wit Wilbert list,

  • here is a simple defination of life

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