Tommy Tweedz – Iammuziktom

1 year ago

Tommy Tweedz 01-intro
Tommy Tweedz Hey Tom
Tommy Tweedz Iammuzik.tom
Tommy Tweedz Let Go
Tommy Tweedz Goin Sumwhere (Feat. The Ciphe
Tommy Tweedz Round 2 (Feat. 20)
Tommy Tweedz Iammuzik.tom (Freestyle)
Tommy Tweedz Brick of Dat
Tommy Tweedz Till Death
Tommy Tweedz T Be Killin'em
Tommy Tweedz I Hate Your Face (Feat. Mike W
Tommy Tweedz Long Walk Home (Feat. MC Juman
Tommy Tweedz The Top
Tommy Tweedz Been Gettin Money
Tommy Tweedz Always High (Feat. Mike Wong)
Tommy Tweedz Tonight (Feat. DP)
Tommy Tweedz Where Ya @, Where U Goin

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  • Hunt

    love the song..awesme…

  • James

    This is amazing!

  • Lewis

    ya i like it..carry on..

  • Taylor

    killin that shit, homie!…

  • Julie Anderson

    ow yeah that’s a awesme..

  • Gercia

    Tommy Tweedz – Iammuziktom not bad…

    • For she not bad better then the regular

  • Moore

    I like it..awesme..

    • It’s was good for sure he killed a couple tracks

  • Willam

    Dammn buddy snapping on some of these tracks

    • Which tracks you think are the best tracks

  • Nelson

    Kinda the wiz fake buts fuck it….

  • Jacobs

    i simply love this song….

  • Walker

    I seen ya shinning ‘miles away’ B-)…

  • Allen

    killin that shit, homie…

  • Mitchell

    Good song video atrocious…

  • Baker

    shit music for fucktards…

  • Adams

    Thank you! That means everything.…

  • Chavis

    love the video…

  • Morgan

    Memories from the trap…

  • Roberts

    Tommy Tweedz – Iammuziktom not bad…

  • Lopez

    yeah this is da best…

  • Wright

    Be The Voice….

  • Plot Twist: He is singing in front of a mirror ♥

  • Awesome😍

  • “Everything you sang sounds perfectly…..:)”
    Nice music ……..:) Love it

  • Tommy Tweedz suck

  • damn that nigga viva hating. must want what they have

  • dont worry haters hate you cause the want to be you and cant!!! i rocks
    with you and love the video and the song perfect combo of fire!!! tweedz
    light one up for me!!

  • .they do best. Obviously viva is an undercover hater that prob knows
    them personally so you should know they bout their hustle and good trees
    so why should they be any different if this is them.

  • I hate tommy tweeds so much.This guy Fully addicted of weed

  • Wtf is with this comment section and “not mixing races?” I, personally,
    don’t think we should give a shit about that. If we were dumb, race
    wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Love is love.

  • He surprised me, he sounds amazing!

  • P

    Amazing Tommy !

  • The song “Tonight” just give me a snapshot of my older memory!! 😀
    I like it , man

  • this trash they dont even sound intimidating this dont even deserve a response

  • I saw the ad of the song then I left thinking I saw the video

  • The fuck is this pathetic shit ? One must be fucking retarded to listen this garbage xD !

  • after that gun click i knew shots was gonna be fired

  • if you put speed at 0.75 she sounds like a robot lol autotune on another level

  • BITCH UR HAIR IS FUCKING LONG AND BEAUTIFUL! girl dont fucking ever cute it!

  • no offence but who else bores him or her

  • I like her song like if u agree

  • fucking lame come with some new stuff this shits wack still in 2010

  • Dont miss amazing sensational sexy keyboardist Belinda Bedekovic!

  • whos horse she had to kill for that damn long hair

  • I cam there after seeing it on Ellen! She wasn’t joking

  • Lil Wayne must be scared of how fierce nicki is right?

  • By the way I’ve been listened to this song when I first saw it

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