Tenи Stacks – Grits & Biscuits [Official Video]

12 months ago
  • Who is this fat guy?? never seen him yet

  • looks like king of the night club and all girls are dying for the fat guy

  • wow I like this one . Now I believe fat people can flirt with girl

  • making a video isn’t a easy job but he did well ,

  • thumbs up bro

  • nice

  • Oh I like this man

  • The whole video is shit

  • ass

  • I really enjoyed this nigga

  • this like me an elephant surrounding by pigs

  • Inna zovoba

    haha this guy is insane

  • oksana pochepa

    Wow fat rapper . I like him

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    fatty fatty guy, surrounding in twilight

  • wow this is a decent rap no slung word

  • Wow nigga makes dull things green. They have amazing power

  • let the party begin

  • He is really impressive

  • My neighbor threw a stone on my window to listen this music clear.

  • Oh this is the first rap I have heard in 2017

  • wow baba makes me babu baby

  • I have become crazy after listen to this fat man’s rap

  • He is very lucky to have a bunch of girls surrounding him. bcz I am also fat but no girls like to engage with me

  • Adam Anderson

    Pumped up Stacks and there’s some hot chick around him. Lucky bastard…..

  • Hot babes are always good for attraction and they nailed that. Nice guys.

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