Sway TheGod – Theraflu

11 months ago
  • Radolf Bryan

    I can’t comment on this. Because I don’t know if it is good or bad.

    • Adam Anderson

      They are talented and brilliant. You know that right?

  • Adam Anderson

    Hope to happen that again and again.

    • Ronald Thomson

      What did you hope? Want another?

  • Ronald Thomson

    Amazing song lyrics. You can listen to it again and again.

  • Thankfully they are making progress.

    • Sammy Tyler

      If you try harder then you can make progress too.

  • Sammy Tyler

    Sway is what I wonder.

    • Radolf Bryan

      I can’t tell you what it is. Because I don’t know.

  • Awesome singing.. he made it properly.

  • It’s make my day. feeling happy to hear this.

  • I will listen it again..it’s a fresh song for me.

  • Nothing so say about this song.. just hearing.

  • Exclusive song to listen in this.

  • This is the magnificent song collection. check it out guys.

  • Lovely music.. wonderful.

  • Don papion is better than Theraflu

  • The whole song is full of dope.

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