Sway TheGod – Thankful

11 months ago
  • Radolf Bryan

    I am Thankful to God a lot.

    • Adam Anderson

      Me too.

  • Adam Anderson

    He is really polite and honest in his song.

    • Ronald Thomson

      I am motivated to pray.

  • Ronald Thomson

    This song made my day.

  • They made the right choice to make this song.

    • Sammy Tyler

      Yeah I have the same opinion about that.

  • Sammy Tyler

    I am thankful to God too for lots of reasons.

    • Radolf Bryan

      Tell us one of those reasons.

  • I’m so thankful to god for everything in my life.

  • This song and title touch may heart. so nice song.

  • God is always in my mind.. i thankful to god to give my parents.

  • Beautiful song to listen..

  • I’m just thankful to god.. nothing else.

  • That’s a good emotional music. it’s got nice touch of heart in it.

  • We are also thankful to you because for this amazing song.

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