Store Owner Goes After Robber Pepper Spray

12 months ago
  • Jane Smith

    so everybody, just put spray with you for saftey

    • Avi Ahmed

      They should keep something for long distance as well. Because he risked his life really bad to spray the thug.

  • Adam Anderson

    He knows how to overcome fear and be brave.

    • you are right about that man.

      • Avi Ahmed

        I agree with you too. In these moments, we can learn lots of things about our life.

    • Avi Ahmed

      Yes he knows. He knows for the sake of his family and business. He is the real man.

  • Nice idea though. Haha……he was prepared for it.

    • Avi Ahmed

      We should all be prepared for this kind of situations.

  • Avi Ahmed

    Fast and furious. That’s what it means in this video. Nice job at the defense.

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