SmokeyThaKid -Mycarena- Ft. Big ChiChi (Prod.By Mr.Okay)

10 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    This single song is a fucking crazy funky song. I like it for some reason.

    • Alex Horress

      Bro just why? Who tf takes the time outta there day to actually say this gay shit?

  • Alex Horress

    Daddy Aubrey won’t like this. His gorgeous daddy body is much nicer than Smokey.

  • I don’t care who doesn’t like this song I want to say that this song it more then good to me.

    • And you don’t need to care about anyone because this song have a power to get good complement.

  • Guys you are too much talented. and this rap song it proved it. this song is fabulous. i don’t think this before that it’s become this much good.

    • It’s not for me. i don’t think it’s a talented song.

  • Both are looking so cool man. but this son is not much cool. if you have do some hard work then you can get a good feed back.

  • just bang on this shit.

  • Why the *uck is so underrated?

  • This assholes aere making proud to their parents.

  • Holy shit of this I just don’t want like this stuff. They are big mouth assholes.

  • Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This song is hotter than maxican chilli!!!

  • This song was not very good. You just layered synth over the song and made it sound so muddy.

  • I hardly go through it. this man is so annoying. only the penny lover girls would like him

  • His hair looks like goat’s tail. All the rappers got worst haircut.

  • His should get an oskar on dope music. how publicly he is taking weed.

  • who the hell is going on here? why this mother*fucker make slangs and named it as rap, he is an insult in the name of rap.

  • He should have born in africa god made a mistake to got born in usa.

  • i think there is better things in my toilet commode than this song. I just can abuse him.

  • dope, dick, weed, and much more. can’t take it anymore

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