SmokeyThaKid – 90’s Baby- (Prod.By Yann Blakk)

9 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    I guess 90’s baby’s had some really good time. Because of the beginning of computer revolution.

    • Alex Horress

      i wonder did he really made all of this in his home. if he did then he has some kind of unique talent that we all admire.

  • where are the 90 baby’s in this video?? i can’t see any baby in this fucking video.

    • I don’t see any baby in this video. i think he is totally mad.

  • This video and this song is totally disgusting man. what are you doing man?

    • He is looking like a fucking bitch and he is singing like a bull dog.

  • I want to kick your ass fucking bitch. shut your fucking mouth and goo back your home.

  • This cocksucker again. This nigga is very rude and rough

  • He looks like a white nigga. badass

  • Why doesn’t he shave and clean his face. looks so ugly and addicted.

  • another son of a bitch. Never try to rap again.

  • another great beat that was not done justice.

  • bitch please!Nigga look like he 10, that hair line look 56.

  • Irsun kudikova

    What is the similarity between rapper and dogs???

    Both barking dog seldom bites

  • Why all niggas make rap song? why don’t they make classic or melodious songs?

    • Bcz if they slow down they will be found in jail

  • Before there was a gang gang gang,pops invited bang bang bang

  • This is gonna be one of the most hated rap song I have seen ever ……..

  • I am beat up. No more of this, God save me from this circumstance.

  • This shit was wack. A nigga came here for Rich the Kid to rap about that rich and gangsta shit. Not this bull shit fake ass Chris brown fat ass white boy. This shit lame ass fuck bruh.

  • All the Friday movie is lame that shit is boring … Cube need to
    stop and go pay jerry heller respect from his grave smh ICE cube and his
    family hold this.

  • Put the gun down son!!! You loose some, you win some but you live…Live to hold another

  • Alex Horress

    Can’t stop laughing after watching your pants. These kinds of fucking pants are the lamest. I think you should consider of change your style.

    • Lucard Peterson

      These are some boys not over 20’s. And they are already doing this kind of stuff. Their future looks bright to me as sun.

  • Lucard Peterson

    The most attracting thing is his eyes. They are just beautiful. I didn’t know white people can make hiphop tracks this well too.

    • Robert Hemsmith

      His pants are kinda falling down. Someone grab his pant and slap his ass too.

  • Robert Hemsmith

    This white fucking dude is just awesome. Not like some other crazy ass bruh who try to copy someone else.

    • Ricardo Martinez

      I would have liked it more if he tell us about his love life and not his drug life. That’s kinda disgusting.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    I think he doesn’t need to wear pants. BTW he has some healthy habits. He cooks his own food.

    • Kim Bradley

      One of the most amazing feelings kinda video song for me. I don’t know about others. But I kinda like him.

  • Kim Bradley

    Dude I don’t think you did it all alone. If you did then you have my salute for the success you just had.

    • Brandon Robinson

      Totally different kind of experience in just few minutes. A moment ago I have encountered a track with boredom and darkness. And this is the complete opposite of that.

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