Shotgun Use To Keep Prisoners In Line By Police In Brazil

12 months ago
  • This is insane

  • How ridiculous is this

  • THis Guys looks very dangerous

  • I don’t get why admin upload this video. what is the specialty of it

  • sounds horibble

  • uff did anyone hurt there??

  • oh my god

  • WTF man

  • is it really happened?

  • I am seeing any reason for firing!!! really insane

  • ah this people are very unfortunate

  • Is it really true? I don’t think it’s shotgun . They have thrown rubber bullet.

  • Inna zovoba

    Ah very very inhumanity

  • oksana pochepa

    Ah really very unexpected

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    gangstars punished like gangstarts

  • this people may be culprit but treating like this is unexpected

  • Police has no mercy in their heart

  • Ah so sad

  • Oh running like bullet to save life

  • ah this guys life is really in danger

    • There is not a single guy. There are more than handful prisoner.

  • THey need support they are being torturing in this prison

  • oh regret

  • Jane Smith

    Yo bezwen sipò yo yo te tòtire nan prizon sa a, ou se dwa moun, jonathan

  • Adam Anderson

    Brutality and insanity. They are really paying for there sins.

    • They basically don’t care about the life of those thugs.

  • That’s damn scary. Did they have to do that?

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