Raphael-Never Forget

11 months ago
  • Adam Anderson

    That’s a good emotional music. It’s got some nice touch of heart in it.

    • That means you got a normal heart. This song can only melt ice not rock.

    • Avi Ahmed

      You really absorbed it correctly. It should be like this.

    • Emotional , sick, thats gives me kick!

  • What a awful song!!! They should destroy themselves.

    • Avi Ahmed

      That wasn’t that of a bad song. So try to enjoy it.

  • Avi Ahmed

    He doesn’t know anything about girls. He is basically asking a girl what she wants. But the girls don’t even know what they want.

    • Oh really,
      its seems you have lot of experience about girl buddy!

      • I agreed with you @alexis_brad:disqus
        ha ha
        looks like he have some experience about that!

    • I agreed with you @avi_ahmed:disqus
      You are the best ,!

  • Song’s music was good ,
    sweet sound effect , i like it!

  • At first when i first saw the , poster of this mixtape.
    i thinking it’ll be great song, and its really true. i like it.

  • But nowadays i forgot everything ,
    its very disgusting too me!!!

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