R Crew – I Love You

10 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Lovely song. and lots of romantic imagination.

    • Alex Horress

      Imagination is all he has for the task. Didn’t like you though.

  • Alex Horress

    I thought this song will increase the vibe of love inside of me. But it surely couldn’t.

  • So nice man. it’s full of love. it’s really amazing.

  • And i love you too man. cause you are awesome,

  • It’s make my day. love is every where in this love song.

  • So good. This kind of taste I hardly feel in my entire life

  • I love this song, but sadly I cannot relate to it.

    • Justin WizBro

      Oh it’s in Swahili but I can translate it for u


  • Probably one of the only boy bands that can dance and actually are ripped


  • Frick this song never gets old!!! I love it

  • this should have more views than nicki minaj’s butt

  • I love the song, and what’s funny is how many people are staring at them as they sing and dance.

  • This song gives me life inspiration and hope that tomorrow will be a great day and that I’ll do something amazing someday that could inspire people! This song just gives me so much energy man!

    • i keep dancing without knowing

    • how can you like this song it’s so SHIT! I don’t know how you like it honestly

      • Inna zovoba

        you Maybe because it’s my opinion to like it?

  • oksana pochepa

    YESSSS! This turned out so well! good work R Crew

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    I hate when people cant spell. I hate when people cant count. I hate when people ask for likes

  • Faria Jannat

    I love my life meme brought me here.

  • Lets be honest we can’t dance! Thanks for having us R Crew 🙂

  • Irsun kudikova

    oh look it’s a fuckboy version of black veil brides lol

  • Kendall Jenar

    Love this song… to bad it isn’t popular

  • Dina Oldbuck

    I can make a meme with this music

  • Came here from the creeper prank haha

  • Does the “eh eh” bit in the chorus sound like Shakira to anyone else?

  • This is down right embarrassing…

  • You see that person in the background ? That’s what he call “these girls look good”

  • You see that person in the background ? That’s what he call “these girls look good”

  • I don’t like the lyrics but the drop is really creative and peppy!

  • you are better than one derection

  • Some people are asking why the dancing… THEY’RE A FUCKING DANCE CREW!!!!

  • This song always brings me up when i feel down. 🙂

  • OMG… please…..QUIT, save the music!

  • this just made me not hate my life that much anymore

  • The whole time my screen was black but all other times I could see it fine

  • Somebody please save this poor song from being covered up by memes

  • these guys look like the ultimate fuckboys but hey i like this song so

  • someone else came here for the meme i love my life?

  • came here from royals stampede

  • I love this song that I still listen to it


  • damn hiphhophbodega added this wierd sound when you like a comment

  • Whenever I’m down, this song always cheers me up! Thank youCrew, for the happiness that you and others bring into my life

  • Why don’t these legends dont have more subs?

    • Justin WizBro

      We are together sir

  • This song has to much meaning to me

    • Justin WizBro

      Thanks dear, another one is available now

  • I respect these guys and like them better than the rude ………..

    • Justin WizBro

      Thanks Bro and we like u too

  • Really his voice an behavior is iike north and south.

    • Justin WizBro

      Thanks bro

  • frick this song never gets old!!! I love it

  • This song is too old but still have juice to suck

  • Told my old Music teacher she ruined this song… she denied it…

    I put it on then instantly she agreed with me… It was a sad day ruining the song as we had to sing it her way at the Graduation Day…

  • this was popular in my school…

  • This song makes me happy after a bad day

  • Ok. Who unleashed the Backstreet Boys art director on Justice Crew? This clip is beyond ridiculous.

  • Why is this song so underrated

  • I feel as if this could have been in Furious 7

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