Pesos – Randeazy

9 months ago
  • Kim Bradley

    This boy been good for a loooong time..

  • How can a man can good like this!! I am surprise to see this video song. it’s supperb.

    • Yeah he is definitely good no doubt about this. And rap is fabulous.

    • What are you a fan just say it rep it

  • He is like a litter version of hulk.
    I feel very funny to see his body and face. hahaha.

    • Hahaha… you are so funny. but don’t justify to see his body just see his singing skill.

      • What singing skills where I don’t se it rapping is not singing

    • Damn dude I ain’t know you here to check and flirt with guys than again do you

  • You have a bright future. one day you will be a supper singer. keep it up man.

  • Peso don’t playing with my peso or get choke out like buddy lol what a duck

  • For you young mothafuckas. This is all 2pac did.

  • James Smith

    This is wavy as hell. A lot better than that freestyle he put out

  • Lmao this shit wack as fuck and why is Pesos cannon paying for fake views?

  • The instrumental of this track is hard as fuck!

  • This shit goes in… THE TRASH!

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