Peezy – Ballin Aint A Crime

11 months ago

Peezy Intro
Peezy Ballin Aint A Crime
Peezy Against All Odds feat T. Dot
Peezy With Me or Against Me
Peezy Eastside feat Jim Jones Philthy Rich
Peezy Pressure feat HNIC Pesh
Peezy Regardless feat Lil Mike Mike
Peezy All Over feat Babyface Ray
Peezy Session Litt feat TeamEastside Snoop
Peezy No Smoke feat jazzy
Peezy I Got Mo feat Philthy Rich Mack
Peezy Cant stand by me feat HNIC Pesh
Peezy Been The Man feat Babyface Ray
Peezy Neverseen B4
Peezy Everybody

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  • Sammy Tyler

    What the fuck are the telling us I am not into it.

  • What the hell is he doing?? fucking talk man.

  • It went over my head. i can’t understand.

  • I have no interest to listen this again.

    • Boring feeling.

    • Radolf Bryan

      Juicy songs. With lots of butter in them.

  • Bullshit man. They didn’t need to do that.

  • Radolf Bryan

    Can’t stand song is really nice.

  • Dina Oldbuck

    Hardest track on earth…………………

  • Kendall Jenar

    Damazin beats made ballin ain’t crime……….. He made fire for a lot of niggas in detroit lowkey…I am on it all fire and a lot more . wake up

  • Irsun kudikova

    Me nigga pezzy went hard

  • Bitch shut up before I clean that bird shit off yo dirty ass face besides I don’t think peezy paying you to suck his dick through the internet ryan scott

  • Faria Jannat

    went hard this shit relate too me….

  • This is peezy’s best album

  • I used to be fan but here I have become a hater

  • Wow Such a nice song ,thank you peezy for bringing us a nice album

  • The type of niggas always put same lyrics in every songs. *uck this

  • What does he say at 2:23 minutes????

  • All the songs have same lyrics. WTF this is?

  • He is going to be just like famous

  • preezy is a blessing of rapping..

  • Peezy sounds crazy but sometimes Mess without some eral

  • I know the songs are hearf by now

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