One Suspect Beats Up Three Cops In Room

1 year ago
  • Wow thief beating cops. Where are we living man?

  • This man is so brave. 1 vs 3

  • Cops are stupid. Who pass them in the cops examination. He should be suspended

  • Thieve has more courage than the cops. He should get a cop’s job

  • Lol cops. please leave the earth

  • Who appointed those coward to this job?

  • Wow. That’s eight wonder of the world

  • Is it the thief’s courage or the cops cowardliness

  • I am leaving this earth after seeing this shit

  • I thought he will beat the second man but bad luck for the third

  • Where this happen?

  • Lol I think they forgot that they are cops and they have weapon

  • Jane Smith

    Youn sispèk bat moute Twa flik nan chanm, fre videyo nonm, he he

  • Adam Anderson

    Angry suspect. Last resort of defense. Brave maybe but he is a fool too.

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