The Olympics – Close To Us – T-Outdea X Mani Coolin

11 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Let the event come to us. I am just an audience.

    • Alex Horress

      You misunderstood bro.

  • Alex Horress

    First I thought too that they are talking about Olympics. But its just their name.

    • Lucard Peterson

      They don’t get bored of this fuck.

  • Lucard Peterson

    They make lots of cross connection albums.

    • Robert Hemsmith

      is he can mock a style buy dissing who ever youed that style then tells other rappers to be humble

  • I like to watch all Olympics game.

  • I don’t care about Olympics.

  • Hope they can understand the situation.

  • It’s very close to us but this song is not much close.

  • I was expect more good man.

  • He is not so good at all.

  • Keep it up and well try.

  • Robert Hemsmith

    This shit is hilarious

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