Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

2 years ago
  • sean michael

    I like to put my anaconda in that big ass

  • That was really disturbing

  • Mazba

    All anaconda are hot..come on..

  • milar

    It blows my mind…hotty…

  • hasan

    It’s hard to write a comment …

  • kamrul

    Her laugh kills me lol….

  • jafrul

    Ow shit that’s a stupid song…

  • Jewel

    Its just like a

  • Tusher

    someone is try to bite

  • salman

    This video is like walking to the elephan….

  • Jhon tyler

    This video is like walking to the elephant exhibit in the zoo…

  • Rocky

    I would hate to be

  • david

    My fucken teacher has a bigger ass….

  • Robert

    I just see a lot of shove….lol..

  • PAUL

    i think its hilarious that people are calling Nicki a slut….


    What the fuck is this….

  • Brown

    seriously is she a lesbian?!….

  • Jones

    This poem makes no sense….

  • Julie Anderson

    I don’t like it…

  • Adams

    Slowly unzips pants …

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