Maniak Hippie Fresh -Time Now- [Official Video]

8 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Ugly song.

  • Alex Horress

    Looks to me a bunch of ladies is singing this song.

    • Lucard Peterson

      You thought that right. They are bitches.

      • that dread and beard combo is not the best look. he looks like something out of a hollywood movie.

    • Damn… Ying yang twins step brother looking ass fool

  • Lucard Peterson

    Guys you are missing the main party here.

  • This song is too much boring.

    • It’s become pain to me.

    • if u ever wondered what a blond beard would look like
      well, yo fruity ass would look like a clown ass ni99a

  • He is looking like a monkey.

  • Nasty result by work less person.

    • They are disgust me.

      • dude look like a simpsons cartoon character

        • Too many mumble mothafuckas out here bruh. Aint no one signing the same flow thats already out here. Switch it up

      • This nigga rap style is the definition of unoriginal.

    • I swore he was wearing a costume in the pic

      • Lame ass nigga..don’t try to put Starlito’s lazy flow into this new fuck nigga shit…foh!!

    • This is fucking awful. Nigga has a monotonous flow, mixing is terrible, and he looks like a monkey with those sideburns. So he’s broke, ugly, and lacks talent.

  • They are doing fucking movement in this nasty song.

    • this is too much irritating.

      • Leprechaun ass nigga

        • Maniac better make it big or else this will just be an embarrassment

      • The fuck is this ugly negro supposed to be mf looks like dr zaius from planet of the apes

    • This nigga got blonde pubes on his face. Lmao

      • This nigga look like that one uncle that’s still trynna be young

    • Bringing new meaning to the term “mumble rapper’
      real shit this shit more unintelligible than Panda

  • Holy fucking shit. Is that really a song?

    • i will never watch it again.

      • fuck outta here 60 year old son go monkey king looking ass nigga

        • the world will run outta water before it runs out of niggas that trying to be rappers

      • Stop appropriating white culture. Blonde hair isn’t for you.


      • This nigga picked hid name outa of shoe box raffle. …

    • Is that why both of them trash….because it runs in the blood lol

  • They don’t know the true meaning of music.

  • What the hell is singing???

    • Haitian niggas done mastered mumble rap now well damn

  • DOWNVOTE for this niggas beard alone SMFH

  • This has to stop!! Horrible garbage.. come on young ones please fix this rap game today

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