Ludacris – Vitamin D (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

8 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    What kind of song is that? Vitamin D?

    • Alex Horress

      Ole ole lauging song.

  • Alex Horress

    Isn’t he tez from fast and furious?

    • Lucard Peterson

      No he is not. He is just a look a like dude.

  • Lucard Peterson

    I don’t like the way you have vitamin d. I want to do other way around.

  • Lol, fake chest on start any fool can catch that. he just ruin his body impression for this

  • Ludacris always come out with those MTV type music videos and still goes in

  • Easy way to get famous just hire 4-5 hot girls and dance with them around on a shitty song. People will think that he is a great rapper and future of america

  • Black women is hotter than white women just crazy specially with blue eyes and round bump.

  • that beat dropped and almost made me start whipping my kids for no reason

  • I bet a night in bed Ludacris be like going to disney world

  • I only don’t like it because I know this is one of the songs that meant to be on radio

  • Ludacris the realest underrated rap artist ever made from atlanta and never changes his style

  • I didn’t know ludacris was a doctor

  • Ludacris!!!! the rapper beast

  • Luda!!!This young ass kids now in days won’t ever know what it meant to hear a luda track

  • great to see ludacris is back with new music

  • So this is the video everybody saying that ludacris abs are photoshopped

  • I didn’t know that he also make rap songs

  • this is the only vitamin which is not going help for human body

  • that the rap can make you more healthier watch couple times and gain some knowledge about vitamin D

  • Ludacris beard looks perfect with his face. new looks actually

  • classic luda! one of the Atlanta rappers that doesn’t about brick, kilos, whippin in the kitchen

  • another hit by luda! been missing his funny shit

  • This song is stupid! and why he trying to look butt in the beginning looking like a character of gta san andreas

  • why is that rappers never age, luda look tha same since 2000

  • luda still keeping black women in his videos

  • His fake abs make his looks much funny but still good to see

  • if doctors become rapper in operation theater than there will be postmortem of patient not instead of healing

    • if this hot girls start dancing in the operation theater that there no need for operation. automatichealing

  • I thought after fast and furious luda will be a decent man after the movie but he is getting naughty day after day

  • If i had a day like this!! 4-5 girls around me dancing all in bikini and i rap like a boss all around champagne and no limit of enjoyment

  • no new things in this album. such ordinary things and very poor choreography

  • black women is more beautiful than white.I have decided that I will marry a black women if I get married

  • uff suck this! thus the old bullshit

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