Loose Leopard Roams Around Injuring 20 People In 11 Hours

1 year ago
  • dj bravo

    how this happen

  • Leopard is very afraid that’s why it attacked to the people.

  • People should aware about this things. They must make plan to catch it or man ran away from that place

  • This is so dangerous. So sad for the people who hurt

  • Leopard should be cought in the first time people make it to flee from their hand

  • Looks very dangerous

  • Catching a leopard isn’t a baby’s toy.

  • So sad for that man.Wish he will be well soon

  • Too many people ruin this mission.

  • Extra crowd makes the leopard scared s

  • They should called professional’s for this job

  • WTF!!!! They are doing. catching or releasing

  • They risk their lives for nothing. That will be so sad if the leopard attack them again

  • Their trap is a lul. They should make a reliable trap before attack the leopard.

  • Without plan nothing goes good, This is another example

  • So sad for that man. It could be his last on this earth

  • Wow this could be worse than this

  • Leopard in the township or people in the jungle?????

  • Actually this happened very fast people could not understand what to do??

  • Oh very hard situation for those people

  • Nothing to say. Very sad

  • oh this is very very tough situation.

  • They couldn’t understand what gonna do…………..

  • Inna zovoba

    ah I thought they have caught in the first time

  • oksana pochepa

    20 people injured. OMG

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    That was a nightmare for this people

  • Faria Jannat

    People are very brave there, If it happened in my area my people will flee first then take call other who has been saved themselves

  • Tatyana Usova

    Did anyone dead

  • Tatyana Usova

    They are risking their lives for the community. They are the real heroes

  • Irsun kudikova

    Now I believe I live in peace

  • Kendall Jenar

    Ah so sad

  • Jane Smith

    Moun yo trè brav la, Si li te rive nan zòn mwen an pèp mwen an y’ap kouri premye Lè sa a, pran rele lòt moun ki te sove tèt yo

  • Adam Anderson

    I mean who are those guys? Superheroes? Not really. But the did it like superheroes.

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