Khalid – Location (Remix) (Audio) Ft. Lil Wayne, Kehlani

11 months ago
  • Sammy Tyler

    Is that a location of a treasure?

    • Radolf Bryan

      No man. Toilet’s location.

    • James Smith

      ha ha ha you are right

  • Radolf Bryan

    His location is wrong. I can spot him.

    • Adam Anderson

      Theh should think as a fan before naming.

  • Adam Anderson

    Everyone is looking at the title. So keep in mind.

  • This is the last location they are saying.

    • Ronald Thomson

      Of course it’s like end of the world.

  • Ronald Thomson

    Singers name is like a Muslims. Is he?

    • Sammy Tyler

      I think he is.

  • which location are you indicate??

  • Innocent look in poster.

  • Voice is really good,

  • This is better one man.

  • Singer name is nice and singing is fine.

  • To see his face i am thinking he forget his location. that’s why he look very sad.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • James Smith

    Nice starting tone , man

  • Just gonna leave me comment here before blow it up.

  • Am I the only one who’s always wanted kelhlani on this track????

  • Anything with kehlani I’m there can’t wait to see her live in May

    • I’ll see her in april in April I can’t wait to meet her

  • lol, there are lots of hate for lil wayne being on this remix, but can we just talk about how far khalid’s gotten? super proud of him…..:P

    • That nigga need to stay off of the auto tune………

    • For real. Anybody that gets a wayne feature gets big af in less than a year later………….

  • lil wayne auto tuned voice just sucked it up…………

  • The goat james hawkins right that’s what I am saying the verse ain’t bad it’s actually good it’s just his voice

  • I like wayne’s verse but it just doesn’t fit I think……………………….

    • His verse was perfect. Listen carefully………………….

  • How much do we have to pay wayne to stop using that *ucking autotune????It ruins every song and he doesn’t even need it.

  • wow,I hope wayne paid khalid good money to put that trash ass verse on this song…….

    • actually khalid had to pay him lol

    • You must not know how features work dumb MF

    • It’s a joke you punk ass bitch

    • You don’t need to explain your comment lol I totally agree with you. hes ver was trash and odd auto tune. He didn’t put enough lean on that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you are reading this,you are beautiful have a blessed day.

  • Why so much auto tune on wayne? He probably sounds fine without it………………

  • Pretty dope. I like original better tho. Too much autotune for me

  • I don’t like this one it doesn’t go with the song don’t hate on me guys it’s just my opinion

  • Don’t understand why people don’t like wayne… It was pretty cool to me. Love it..

  • oksana pochepa

    came for kehlani went for wayne

    • Marina Aleksandrova

      Basically you didn’t hear the song cuz wayne was at the beggining…………..

  • Faria Jannat

    Some hear but don’t listen. Wayne makes everything better.

  • Irsun kudikova

    love to kehlani and lil wayne…

  • Dina Oldbuck

    What is so good about lil wayne.. I’ll never understand

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