Justin Mb Wizbro – Lifestyle Remix

10 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    As for your name I don’t like you. You remind me of justin bieber.

    • Alex Horress

      Haha….I agree. Change the name before you collect more haters.

  • Alex Horress

    The urge of itchiness is hard to control. And justin is just like that.

    • Lucard Peterson

      If anybody talk shyd bout DRAM, you can just drop yo address so we can hook. Mans raw. VA ova everybody

  • Lucard Peterson

    DRAM the man, but I hope his album ain’t like this shit

    • Robert Hemsmith

      This is a rotten shit. I can’t find anything good in it.

  • Robert Hemsmith

    Poor guy. Can’t even sing properly to do the right job. Haha…..funny.

  • You are looking like a fool man. and your singing is also fool.like you..

    • He is not like a fool. I think he has a lakenness about his music scenes..

  • I like justin bieber l don’t like like this justin. you can’t do a great job like justin bieber.. try to dp best.

    • How ccan you compare him with justin beiber?? two are good but they are different with eatch other.

  • Your lifestyle is totally bullshit. you make a bad lifestyle.. you should need to make some nwe style..

    • Yeah you are right man. he need do better for make some good thing.

  • Don’t behave like kid. be smart and try to do best.. otherwise you can’t get a good life style..

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