Jay Z Signs Lil Wayne To Roc Nation … What About Nicki Minaj & Drake

8 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Just fuck nicki minaj and drake.

    • You can fuck Drake , just left Nicki to me , ha ha ha

  • Who care about nicki minaj and drake..

    • i don’t care about it.

      • As i told you , I just count Nicki for me

    • I care about Nicki Minaj @kristinwpeterson:disqus
      I just care about Nicki <3

  • You are the best man. you are the best.

    • He is outstanding.

    • She is the best man , she is the best ,,,,
      She is the best for hangout , man

  • fuck the nicki.. i like to listen you man.

    • Nicki is also good man. she is nice singer.

      • What, you say good ?
        Say She is hot….and sexxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Hey man, I am here ?
      who the hell are you to Fk her?
      Im angrier , fired ?

  • Lil wayne is one of my favorite singer.

    • He is also my favorite.

      • Then invite him to your cottage , ha ha ha

    • He is good rapper also?
      Better than me , ha ha

  • HE is always a best singer. all the best.

    • He is best but nicki and drake is also good.

      • Opps ! NIcki , she is to hot to handle !

    • You mean Drake or Lil wayne, ?
      I like Lil Wayne, ha ha

  • Both of are good man not only you.

  • Nicki and Drake always good combination , man 😀

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