Iamdaniellenikole – Come Get Some- Sw3rv, Bunna B., Danielle Nikole, Ced Lo

9 months ago
  • Kim Bradley

    Gamebreaker is rushing throughout the crowded bitches of Manhattan. Chose the right spot for the big impact.

    • Ricardo Martinez

      Rushing through or Crashing? He is more like a wrecking ball. The wall that got build up with it we all just broke it down into pieces.

  • Daniell nikole you have no game experience I think so how can you break the game rules?? don’t try to gamebreak.

    • How can you sure like this. why are you thinking he have no game experience??

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Oh that’s more like it. But I am still confuse about those name. AH well just fuck it. Not much of a wuss.

  • This album is little boring. you made a good though but I can’t listen this for long time.

    • I don’t think it’s good collection. people can love this but I can’t.

  • What the fucking name was this. use the name easy so that we can understand easily.

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