Guy Throws Himself At Police Officer Car

1 year ago
  • Dude David

    nice to see this post

  • This guy is insane

  • I think he is really insane

  • thanks for the footage

  • Why don’t admin explain all the situation? only upload a video and that’s it ? weird

  • This is insane

  • What is the reason why did he do that?

  • ….

  • This doesn’t make any sense

  • He hit very hard broke the glass

    • I think It was intended to break the glass and harm police property. Maybe his father-in-law is in the police.

  • Guilty intentionally caught himself by police. Really I don’t get this

  • Weird

  • Jane Smith

    oh renmen m ‘se konsa di m’,
    li frape trè difisil kraze glas la

  • Adam Anderson

    Maybe that brought him some happiness of mind. But at the end, it didn’t go well for him.

    • He is some psychopath. Or otherwise he won’t do that.

  • That fool just dive into a wolves den. They will bite him death. 😀

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