Gohan + T-Outdea – Burn Up

10 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Does gohan even exist in real life? Definitely not. He is just an imagination.

    • Alex Horress

      Imagination is a very powerful thing. And you can see how much power I am talking about.

  • Alex Horress

    He is already burning. If he heat up the fire a little then it would be a disater.

    • Lucard Peterson

      Like neuclear blast. Right?

  • Lucard Peterson

    I liked gohan when he was fighting cell and buu. But after that he stopped improving. And that’s not good at all.

  • Gohan is one of my favourite chaeacter. he is always burn.

  • You are gohan and no one can be become a competitor withe you because you are the best man.

    • Definitely you are right man. he is too good.

  • This song name has a mass with this carton character. he is burning like this song.

  • Shaniya Banks

    i just love all of your songs

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