Gas Cylinder Exploded On Boat Blasting

1 year ago
  • so dangerous situation how they survive or not?

  • This could kill people. Very careless

  • Now I got this why gas is so dangerous ? I always put my fire on my stove

  • has this ship sunk?

  • oh footage ended in critical moment?

  • So Sad no one knows what’s gonna happen to the next second!!!

  • Oh thanks for the footage

  • thanks for the footage

  • oh it’s very dangerous job they should work carefully

  • That was written on the fortune nothing to blame to the people

  • That was nightmare. How much a boat to buy?

  • that is very very shocking

  • this is worse than a horror movie

    • This is reality. And reality is horrible that the horror movie for sure.

  • Jane Smith

    Se konsa, Sad pesonn pa konnen sa k ap pral rive nan dezyèm nan pwochen te !!!
    Sa se trè trè chokan, OMG

  • Adam Anderson

    The guy on the boat. I really want to know if he is safe or not.

  • I hope he is well. That explosion was a huge impact.

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