Dre Manning – Hallway Talk

8 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Hallway talk is worth it bitches.

  • It’s a fucking talk.

  • At the end of it’s become a bad song also.

  • Uff suck this! is his one called rap or insult of rap or rape of rap.

  • She is dancing like crazy woman. it so funny.

  • What he fuck are you guys saying?

  • He is looking so confused.

  • this shitty man nothing got in right position. But choose a right place for video. I think it is in nany school’s or office’s bathroom. but he could also take shoot of loo

  • The man who got his lyrics, he is a legend. I hope there is plenty of legend in usa.

  • Inna zovoba

    When he wore the black jacket looks like a pickpocket

  • oksana pochepa

    that’s a one man army. He proved that there is no need of girls, beer, weed or champagne to make a rap. That’s my nigga bro

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    I think he is on a wrong path. he should change his occupation. He has strong muscles, can be an athlete

  • Faria Jannat

    With alone he was better. When I saw the witch I pause the video and jump into the comment sections

  • I think this man got a natural pressure and when he was on comet he got the idea ,”why don’t make a video here!!”

  • Irsun kudikova

    I don’t get what was the lady doing there, she got nothing to show are tell but moving ass

    • Then why you tell that , just enjoy the show , keep watching her Fking ASSSSS

  • Kendall Jenar

    If someone listen this music more than five times he will be eligible for a mental hospital. I don’t how this guy still enjoying himself in freedom.

    • What did you just say, man?
      I can’t stop laughing man, ha ha ha

  • Dina Oldbuck

    What if I tell you that he is a gay.

    • Whattttttttttttt?
      How do you know that , yaccccccc!!!!

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