DJ Khaled – I Got The Keys Ft. Jay Z, Future

2 years ago
  • john smith

    they went all in the videos so many people representing

  • Liknsjj

    i lomjdunhh

  • Cassandra

    Jay z really went hard for his wife beyonce n blue❤️

  • thompson

    Them boys went with the black and white image

  • Black and white never look so good together

  • Basically they tryna say they got the keys to everything like jay-Z if he really want beyonce back he could get her

  • Mazba

    horror not bad..come on dj khaled..

  • milton

    those dance moves not bad..carry on..

  • milar

    Oh, we good now..that’s a wonderful song..

  • hasan

    really you are da best

  • kamrul

    I lost my keys yesterday…..

  • jafrul

    take out Future and we good homes..

  • Jewel

    Oh, we talkin’ that Wraith talk…

  • salman

    got the keys… to beating wife..

  • Jhon tyler

    my question is who’s got the keys to lock dj khaled’s mouth up…lol

  • Rocky

    Having keys in csgo be like…

  • david

    get recognition can you guys…

  • Robert

    Niggas always asking me the key..why?

  • PAUL

    ypo ain’t seen the back of your eyelids…..why?


    We go to court, we gon’ plead the fifth….

  • Brown

    I know the judge, I’ma shoot him some chips…

  • Jones

    How we still slaves in 2016?….

  • Davis

    why all cops are white? this is racist song…..

  • Hunt

    DJ Khaled you really awesme..


    Key to life, keep a bag comin….

  • Lewis

    I got to pee pee pee I got to pee pee pee!

    • Adam Anderson

      Then go to the toilet yaar. Why are you saying that out loud like that?

  • Taylor

    DJ Khalid is like that one kid in a group project…

  • Julie Anderson

    Dj khalid really awesme..

  • Chavis

    Will get this song 2b views hyphae DJ Khaled wasnt there…

  • Morgan

    i only listen to the beginning so dj khaled can tell me we da best music….

  • Adam Anderson

    DJ khaled is one of the best out there. He is good in his passion.

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