Derby City Music Ent – Ball On Em Ft. Mike Jones (Official Video) (Produced By City Beats)

12 months ago
  • Adam Anderson

    It looks like some racers with musical sense. That’s pretty good to hear.

    • But whoever they are. Their rap is not so special. They are not that good.

  • Shut your fuck hole man. You are singing out some serious shit from your dam butthole.

    • They have no expression on their faces and they are some fucking bullshit type of singers.

  • disqus_cKQmu7X3EP

    World Premier Derby City Music ENT. – “Ball On Em” Ft. Mike Jones (Produced By City Beats) Official Video

  • I like rap song but that song is really disgusting for me.i don’t love it.

  • In every family got a rapper but some of them are bathroom rapper and some of them school college rapper but these people looks rapper of orphanage. They don’t know who is the parents of rap songs.

  • The lady looks charming like her eyes

  • Champagne makes this video elite otherwise everything looks ordinary.

  • When I see any yellow teeth I feel vomid.

  • Wow zigzag teeth makes some unique visual effect on face when it flashes

  • heaven of champagne this could be great thing in one’s live. Champagne in left hand and girls in right hand feeling the lord of heaven.

  • Fuck this. All of them looks like patients of mental hospital. They need treatment.

  • When money in hand any one can declare himself as a best rappers with some dumb girls and wine.

  • If I get the fat man in front me I will punch on his yellow teeth.

  • What is the 502 means?

  • Like this man he just mirror my own life.

  • Ah my bro. I would have done this act last night as my birthday celebration.

  • What has happen to this generation? God save them from all sins.

  • Why they are showing the money? Were they beggar before?

  • This is one of the shittest rap song I have ever heard.

  • I shouldn’t comment on it but my mind saying do it . What gonna do?

  • I like his yellow teeth .crush on him

  • How much money there would be? I guess 10 thousands dollar

  • Dony 502 security.!!!! 502 means internal server error. Does he have kind of server error in his inside

  • One booty shake will make the song more interesting.

  • I see a lick between two tooth of the rapper. I think he might forget to wear that tooth.

  • bottles of wine looks empty.

  • Who is she in 1:15 minutes. I like her smile. May be fall in love.

  • 502 stand up

  • I want to ball on her. Someone he.lp me to get contact with her

  • golden teeth makes him weird.

    • Avi Ahmed

      I think its their pride that shows with golden teeth. Why should try one too?

  • Is it possible to upload my own video on this website

  • Este es realmente un buen rap en este 2017

  • One thing missing they forgot to put chain in neck.

    • Avi Ahmed

      They are not some nigga’s. So that’s not the issue here.

  • A man can’t rap so he shouldn’t makes a video

  • This looks very much offensive for a girl when she has been used as a product.

    • Avi Ahmed

      Some girls want to be product. They wants to be used. So men are using them.

  • I just stunned for 5 minutes for what I am seeing.

    • Avi Ahmed

      Why? DId they use a stun gun on you?

  • How many singers have sung this song. In video I have seen 20 or more. Even girls also singing in man’s voice.

  • Inna zovoba

    Like her voice something different than others.

    • Avi Ahmed

      I think you have mistaken about something here. There was no lady singer. So how can you say that?

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    Why my ass is burning after seeing this rap.I am jealous with those girls.

    • Avi Ahmed

      Oh ho…..Is it your ass or something else girl? If you want to dance that much then you should stand up and start dancing because the happiness of the current moment is what counts more.

  • Faria Jannat

    aye I really appreciate those stuff hanging around the rapper. Got a single line to sing and some of them more unlucky who haven’t got any line to sing

    • Avi Ahmed

      Haha… really absorbed it pretty nicely. Your observation talent is really good. Keep doing that for the singers as well.

  • Best thing is to skip this kind of video to make your life more happier when I see this stuff I feel if I would party like this with my friends.

    • Avi Ahmed

      So you are getting upset because you can’t have party? You have my invitation to party. Let’s enjoy with this song.

  • Irsun kudikova

    Mike Jones is a tough guy in rap world. when he rap all USA dance.I live in Russia still I am his one of the big fan.

    • Avi Ahmed

      Really? I didn’t know that at all.

  • Kendall Jenar

    Last week he had a concert in indiana jones. I think he got more popularity than Donald trump there..

    • Avi Ahmed

      Definitely he got his popularity more that donald trump. He is the worst comedian type president I have ever seen. And he is really disrespectful.

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