Darly B Feat Anbakè – Kitem Koule Gwòg Mwen

11 months ago
  • Ronald Thomson

    This song is little lengthy.

  • Nice song. well try. good job man.

    • Sammy Tyler

      Didn’t make a good job for me.

  • Sammy Tyler

    Still waiting for the whole new beginning.

  • He is not a good song maker.

  • Awesome beats.

  • I like this shit good juice

  • wow hot a song fully enjoy

  • This man has a good vice like this shit

  • I didn’t get word from this But I enjoy whole of it.

  • What language is this!!!

  • yeah cokie like this very much

  • cоol audio! Who alsо likеd this audio, сliсk “like”))

  • Name a rapper Better than Anbakè!! Thats right NO ONE!

  • we love Anbakè his songs are beautiful

  • I really don’t know why people are doing cheap comments. This song deserves more than this

  • Am I the only one who thinks that lil boats part was nice asf!!!

  • I slept on this. Maybe the best track on the album

  • maybe he doesnt know that how many people has got a smooth hearing after listen this

  • this nigga got the whole bunch of audience attraction for his next album through this song

  • This man is gonna be the best singer in haiti

  • Who missed this song he will regret someday.

  • when your girlfriend left and you are alone, that is the perfect time to listen this music. Suck all bitches

  • Days are getting harder and lots of pain in the whole body. But this song works like a massage. release all the pain through listen this

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  • What is the fundamental to make a rap???/

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