Customer Acting Like Tough Guy Picks On The Wrong Guy

12 months ago
  • Marina Aleksandrova

    unexpected happened

  • Faria Jannat

    Really I couldn’t thought he could beat like that

  • oksana pochepa

    What happened??

  • Inna zovoba

    Humanity dies

  • “A man who beat another man, he beat all humanity” – Prophet Mohammad

  • What are other people doing their, taking pictures instead of saving that man??

  • it’s as bad as my pussy

  • what are the girls doing there. looking for food???

  • it;s fucking creepy

  • Esto dokata ni lapo kita na koap tisa laksie a

  • People are so rude nowadays. they have a lot of ego

  • WTF!!!!

  • This man needs a third class treatment

  • So sad

  • Oh god This is happening in 2017 I can’t believe this

  • After watching it, my hair standing Millions

  • Faria Jannat

    that was the worst day for that man

  • hey this people should be kick out of the world

  • This is very odd situation no one helping that man instead of one

  • bad people

  • fuck this

  • What’s gonna do man I am bored to doing this

  • Dislike this

  • I don’t like this this person is beating like insane

  • Oh poor guy

  • Inna zovoba


  • oksana pochepa

    Did that flirt with this man’s GF??

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    This guy is insane

  • Faria Jannat

    I wish I could send him to the hell

  • Jane Smith


  • Adam Anderson

    He really picked the wrong guy. Nice punishment for disrespect.

    • Funny man. You are right about that. Think before you act.

  • Bad decision to make. He had his faults.

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