Confidenz – Idrimm I Dont Rap I Make Music 20

11 months ago

Confidenz Intro (Fuck Them) (Prod. by Penacho)
Confidenz 10 Fans (10 Bands Remix) (Prod. boi1da)
Confidenz No Hugs Just Fuck ft. Nice (Prod. Don Jarvis)
Confidenz I Dont Mind (Usher Remix) (Prod. by Cirkut, Dr. Luke, Rock City)
Confidenz Mislead (Prod. by Omito)
Confidenz Smoke With Me ft. E-Dro (Prod. by Vic Jones)
Confidenz You Dont Deserve it (Prod. by Bunzo Crush)
Confidenz She The Baddest (Interlude) (Prod. by RSavage)
Confidenz Night of Your Life (What you Drink)(Prod. by DigitalMagik)
Confidenz Stop Frontin' (100 Remix) (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
Confidenz Im Done (Fuck you) (Prod. by John Beats)
Confidenz Put it on me ft. Nice AVF (Prod. by Paconthetrack)
Confidenz Why we aint Speaking (Prod. by Saul X)
Confidenz You Still Miss me (Prod. by Don Jarvis)
Confidenz All I wanna be is Me (Prod. by Roark Bailey)
Confidenz Keep on Pushin' ft. Young Verse (Prod. by Kajmir)
Confidenz Can I Remix ft. Confidenz (Drake and Beyonce)

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  • Radolf Bryan

    He says he can’t rap. I think otherwise.

    • Adam Anderson

      He shows his creative mind.

  • Adam Anderson

    He sure looks like a pure artist.

    • Ronald Thomson

      That’s the power of creativity.

  • Ronald Thomson

    He put all his colorful mind in this album.

  • Man this is big!! I mean huge album.

    • Sammy Tyler

      What the fuck!!! That doesn’t mean that its good.

  • Sammy Tyler

    I don’t mind the I don’t mind song.

    • Radolf Bryan

      Nice talk man. You made it like a rhyme.

  • He is awesome.. beautiful song.

  • “You Still Miss me” is the best.. and i still missing some one.

  • some beautiful songs in this album.

  • You are so talented man.. i think you have more then 10 fans…

  • cool artiest… he art the picture properly.

  • Long playlist man. this song are really good.

  • This cute little album is good.

  • This is fucking awesome

  • Wow nice man good job

  • Before I criticize a man, I like to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when I do criticize him, I’m a mile away and I have his shoes.

  • Real nigga never step behind to face challanges

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