Close View Of Buildings Collapsing

12 months ago
  • Ah this look very very disaster

  • I didn’t see any disaster as so close like this

  • where is this happen ?

  • aha how many poeple got injured there?

  • Everyone is running ro save their lives but camera person busy to keep shooting

  • oh this building crushed

  • even fire-workers also running

  • this is in my region

  • Why do girls always scream when stuff happens?

  • how many people died there

  • This is very very dangerous situation

  • Oh my god save them

  • Inna zovoba

    hey people are very much afraid god knows how this happen

  • Jane Smith


  • Adam Anderson

    God bless those. This type of incidents bring lots of sorrow in lots of family’s lives.

  • I hove nobody had injured in this incident. That won’t be pretty good.

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