Casino – Ex Drug Dealer 3

11 months ago

Casino Drug Dealer
Casino 448
Casino Nothing Like Me Feat. Future, Mexico Rann, & Gwop
Casino Way Up Feat. Nickaveli & Cicero
Casino Gelato Feat. Nickaveli & Lani
Casino 12 Months
Casino Bags
Casino Ice Cold Feat. Mexico Rann
Casino Hit It
Casino So Expensive - Christian Feat. Cicero, Mexico Merc

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  • Sammy Tyler

    Now he is making music.

    • Radolf Bryan

      He wasn’t a successful drug dealer I think.

  • Radolf Bryan

    What the fuck exactly ia 448?

    • Adam Anderson

      Is that even matter? Don’t bother man.

  • Adam Anderson

    Definitely there’s nothing like you. You arrogant little bastard.

  • So they made 2 of them in the past.

    • Ronald Thomson

      Yes definitely. Otherwise they wouldn’t name it 3.

  • Ronald Thomson

    I am wondering how good the first 2 albums.

    • Sammy Tyler

      I think they suck as much as this does.

  • poor title song. quite good song.

  • I’m freezing to listen “ice cold”.

  • Casino is really good song.

  • Good to hear this.

  • Cute little album. Envy you man

  • And it’s become a good song for listening.

  • Lovely album. Anyone care about that?

  • Marina Aleksandrova

    Good people never listen drug dealer mixtapes.

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