Car Accident Crushed Truck As Rolls Over Hitting Other Cars

1 year ago
  • Oh that’s a horror day for the victims

  • Physics fails. The driver should calculate the weight and momentum

  • That’s a live and die situation

  • If the bus stayed between the car and truck then the car wouldn’t be damaged

  • God save them

  • That’s a horror situation

  • Police should arrest that truck driver for this situation

  • If it happens in my country people would start beating the truck driver immediately

  • So sad but it doesn’t show details of this incident. how much damaged and how many got injured

  • Looks pretty sad

  • nothing to say. The car was the victim of circumstance

  • horror situation

  • Jane Smith

    Car Accident is always a horrible things, shit!

  • Adam Anderson

    Little bit of carelessness and that happens. Please be safe and keep everyone safe around you.

    • Your advice is good. But what can we do after accident? Nothing but grieve.

  • OMG……I can’t really believe it. That trucks shipments just crushed the car. Horrible.

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