Bub Bizzle From The Bottom

10 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    Keep going up from the bottom like this.

  • I think he like to eat food.

  • You will defiantly go top from the bottom.keep it up.

  • Get rid of him to stay alive few days more

  • That’s the pain for a fat guy when see delicious food but can’t eat

  • The video dumb as fuck..

  • that’s why the half of African is in malnourished.

  • if I were understand 10 percent of what he is saying.

  • Wow this man should have got an oscar for this song. really amazing

  • I like this man so amazing with realistic rap songs

  • Good shit he delivered but not able grab the viewers attention

  • Very good to see him back again

  • You are fucking good man.

  • That’s the healthy and organic rap song, Every fat guy should follow it

  • One of most underrated song this is I hope this will blast this season of summer

  • I like the way he was trying get the people’s respond. He should use 2-3 hot girls to get more views

  • it’s right after get married you can’t breathe. Good message on t-shirt nigga

  • I like the move of 2:14 minute. so nasty

  • The first line I guess “trying to change the game a bit” he changed the whole game

  • He is worthy to me. Like a boss rapping. So cool

  • At least got a rap which can be watch together with family. God bless you bro. Always try to make make songs without shitty girls

  • If someone hasn’t seen this rap his life is worthless.

  • His moves in 1:38 was so cool I like how he moves

  • His moves in 1:38 was so cool I like how he moves

  • He is a masterclass. No one can compete with his rapping skill. he is the one equal to hundred

  • Where is that place he is hanging around. It’s not in USA sure

  • He has a point to make this rap I think he message to his haters that he is not that third class rappers what his haters thought

  • Underrated rap. I think he choose wrong places to shoot the video. Bar or something beach would be better for this rap

  • He pure and nude-less song If everyone makes rap like this than no one needs to watch rap after closing the door

  • I become fan of him. This nigga won my heart. I would subscribe his channel if there is any subscribe button. Please Admin make a subscribe button to get the notification quickly about his next project

  • I see the only rapper who has no haters. Love from albenia. He might be the future of rap in his country. BTW where is he from?

  • He got a beautiful family.

  • Rest in peace carol triplett we love U

  • I love cooking and eating like you man. you are really good singer,

  • Do whom he dedicate this song. Never heard about him.

  • Wow great speech about cocaine and weed. young rapper should follow his steps.

  • He is gonna be the most underrated rapper.

  • He has got unique skills to present his video and body language. I like his attitude most of the time he joined himself then viewers

  • He has some social skill to make his song best i think.

  • Is it a family party time?? this song is so cool.

  • There is one problem with this man. He is just a family person. If he grab 2-3 hot girls instead of his family this video will create cyclone on YouTube.

  • There is one problem with this man. He is a family person. If he grab 4-5 hot girls and dance like jacklas this video would create cyclone on YouTube.

  • He is a raw talent. No one can compare with him. Thus nigga got some specialty.

  • I gotta something to be say. But forgot what I have thought. How ridiculous this is!

  • Here is why! I like this man so much. very matured with his works and like to be more natural. No offensive words and no extreme moves. Just best in simple

  • Good to see him again. He always back with a new dynamite and blow it up like fireworks. This summer is only for you.

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