Ben K – Dance

11 months ago
  • Brandon Robinson

    This is a audio. so I can’t see any dance.

    • Alex Horress

      The dance is in your mind. Check it.

  • Alex Horress

    He sucked the first expression.

    • Lucard Peterson

      I know important. But past is past now.

  • Lucard Peterson

    We need to settle the score first.

    • Robert Hemsmith

      HNHH is a direct reflection of the detrimental turn in hip hop.

  • Not like a dancing song for me.

  • I thought it would be full of dance.

  • I like the lady voice the start in .

  • I want to dance with this dancing song.

    • Let’s go man… i want to dance with this song.

  • Keep it up bro.. you are so good.

  • He has a big chiller party for support him.

  • He is looking so funny face.

  • Robert Hemsmith

    damn…🔥 that’s all I can say.

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