Baby E – Kill The Noise

11 months ago

Baby E Finessin
Baby E Booty Rockin Everywhere
Baby E Nobody Has To Get Hurt
Baby E Nobody Has To Get Hurt
Baby E Beliedat
Baby E Trippin
Baby E Bando ft. Lil Wayne & Hoody Baby
Baby E Satisfied
Baby E Don't Stop ft. Deniro Farrar
Baby E Need Me
Baby E Baddest Bitch In The World ft. Juicy J
Baby E Always Remember
Baby E Realize
Baby E Champagne

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  • They are the one who is making the noise.

    • Adam Anderson

      Yes. So tell me what should I do.

  • Adam Anderson

    Kill the noise or I will kill you.

    • Ronald Thomson

      Sure. I am with you man.

  • Ronald Thomson

    Wo ho!!! Booty rocking everywhere!!!

    • Radolf Bryan

      I will slap them. Wanna tag along?

  • Radolf Bryan

    “Nobody has to get hurt” this song is really good for social sense.

    • Sammy Tyler

      This is a warning I think.

  • Sammy Tyler

    No. Make some noise.

  • I don’t like noise. it’s nice name.

  • Not so interesting song to me.

  • Not so bad.. well done.

  • Yes i want to kill the noise , !

  • Always remember song was good one , i like it

  • I want to kill you

  • Satisfied song was good , like it

  • most underrated mixtapes this year.

  • I slept on this maybe “always remeber ” is the best truck on the album……………..

  • Baby E killed it with his flow on his one….

  • Would you love to see a mixtapes of only baby e

  • This song really needed to be chance only

  • Baby E with a good verse

  • This track is so cool as well……………

  • Baby E forever that nigga, facts always speaking that real shit

  • real nigga alwasy *uck haters

  • The real Baby E is a bitch

  • Baby E makes noise to kill noise. Lol

  • He has a good voice. Don’t know why people making joke of him

  • His voice reminds me the old music. I imagine my young life when I listen to him

  • finally found a good album which worth my time………….

  • exactly no body has to get hurt tomorrow is the deadline for me oh well I tried

  • gotta pay the rent by Thursday !!!

  • this guy is so creative I never heard anyone tell a robbery story like that, the most unique gangster song ever

  • this man music is like the best of all chill rap songs like this shyt be hard asff mann I’m telling ya lol congrats Baby E

  • waiting on another banger with Alston!!!

  • fuck wit baby e since day 1. quit sleepin on my dude.100.

  • thomas your a dum ass bro

  • Nobody has got heart yeah

  • Wayne is going to fuck up shit this year he the goat and still going nobody fucking with Wayne #these hos act like they topics bitch we talk bout profits #freedacarter

  • I can bump this all day, hoping they release it on iTunes

  • wayne part made this song, hoody baby wack I got to cut it off when he come in.

  • Good shit baby E

  • I love this rap. he is a master class rapper. Love u baby E

  • Dope

  • nothings ever easy, on the outside lookin in with a squeedgie!

  • yes this one on fire I fucking love this one

  • baby E just the name I remember after listen this. This is really good shits

  • not a big fan of rap but still listen this……………

  • Finally, been waiting on a tape from this dude!

  • I would of never imagined baby e singing like this lol

  • Baby E look like that dude off a south park…………..

  • My nigga he’s white don’t tell me. I am the only one here that didn’t know he was white… nigga got bars tho

  • I thought this song was by a light skin nigga

  • lil wayne you desearve a grammy

  • Baby e looks like that special ED kid from south park.

  • This song go in no matter what these dumb ass nigga say.

  • This song fire song no matter the race we all bleed red

  • For fuck sake we know it’s a remix, wayne god damn

  • Baby E looks like every college weed dealer………….

    • Colleges have their own weed dealer!?@!?@ Why am I just figuring this out…

    • Every college has pothead that seems to never have class that sells

  • Everything is possible in the USA, where an awkward redhead nerd becomes a superstar……

  • I really like this good weezy verse………

  • Fuck anyone who doesn’t like wayne, he ain’t human, he is a GOD

  • You know shit got real when wayne says in his verse that he killed the beat……

  • Baby e looks like that special ed kid from south park LOl

  • baby E stills getting more viewers than lil wayne..Don’t know why this racism

  • See baby E still the number one from my rapper list.

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