4 Don Papion- Money On My Mind

11 months ago
  • I like this song and there nice singing.

  • Yeah i agree with you.

  • Don Papion is one of those rare artist that not only possesses unbelievable talent but also continue to make pure art, not influenced by fitting in.

  • I truly love his music and his music brings happiness to millions. Respect to Don.

  • Does anyone else mouth the lyrics to this knowing they definitely cannot sing it..

  • This was the first song of his that I ever heard and I remember I was in my room making dances up to.

  • Damn it! I’m always thinking he’s gonna say I don’t have money on my mind, money on my mind.

  • Wow can’t stop watching this. who else doing so far??

  • OMG! His voice is so angelic it so relaxing his sound s like and angel

  • After I heard this song by my friend I could not get this out of my head for three days,

  • After hearing this song, When I was taking shower “money on my mind, money on my mind”. When I take meal “money on my mind, money on my mind”.

  • Man!!! This is great song, but has a lot of masturbation sounds( no offence) lol……..

  • This song has become favorite after hearing

  • Such a beautiful song. He is so talented…

  • I thought only pitbull makes song about money.

  • but if you keep repeating “no money in my mind, no money in my mind”, doesn’t it mean you have money on your mind

  • hah!!!!! Money on my mind is a poor thing, money in my pocket is a rich thing. So don’t just say, DO.

  • It’s a good idea for making money to make songs on money. he is such a thug

  • Everyone has point of view to make money on mind. Like a barber find money on hair and beard, a cobbler find money on shoes, a blacksmith find money on iron, a doctor find money on patient, a tailor mind money on clothes. But thing is do papion says that only thinking not help to make you moneyman do it

  • Sorry, Don everyone has money on his /her mind at some point

  • Ah suck this! everyone wants and get money then there will be no discrimination and there will be no fun or sad

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